Pentium III tower, Sony Monitor with NeXTStep and Windows  

Fully function multiple booting OS with NeXTStep, WinXp and Win95. This PC was built to investigate using NeXTStep but also boots and runs XP and Win 95. This may be of interest to collectors, particularly as the hardware takes full advantage of NeXTStep 3.3.

I have partially re-installed NeXTStep 3.3. A full set of notes and all the packages needed to complete the installation are included.

The graphics card is an ATI 8Mb Rage AGP card capable of running 1600x1200 in 32bit colour at better than 70Hz. The optical hard drives are SCSI, controlled by an Adaptec 2940UW card. It has a Yamaha CD-RW (x4,x2,x6), a Panasonic DVD-RAM drive and a 2.6Gb RAM disc, floppy disc, LS120 (not compatible with XP but worked under Win 98SE and NT). Win95 and NeXTStep share a 4Gb ultra wide SCSI drive. XP is on a 9Gb SCSI SE drive and there is a spare 2Gb SCSI drive (for NT, Win98SE or SCO Unix perhaps). Ethernet is provided by an Intel 100Mb card.  Analogue TV and FM radio are provided by the excellent Hauppauge WinTV Theatre card. The motherboard is fitted with a Pentium 555MHz processor and 768Mb RAM. Sound is provided by Creative Sound Blaster Live! The modest hardware has been used until recently to burn DVD home movies with a SATA DVD drive (PCI card and DVD and other h/d drive moved to a new PC) as well as doubling as a video recorder.

NextStep requires to boot from drive 0. Selecting from the Adaptec menu allows any drive to be treated as the boot drive. This means you can have a different operating system on each drive allowing incompatible systems to being booted and sharing at least the DOS drive that Windows 95 is installed on.

Updated drivers for all the hard ware are provided on the hard drives. Only a license and OS discs are provided for NeXTStep 3.3.Additional NeXTstep software is provided on two Maxoptical 1.2Gb cartridges. These require an external SCSI Maxoptical drive (listed separately).

A full demonstration is available if required.

These books have sold on eBay for over 10 each.

This is a unique system for anyone interested in working with several operating systems and investigating the features of each.

Photographs where taken during the re-installation of NextStep. The ATI drivers have not been installed. Notes on the process of installing drivers are included in the documents.

Item weight:  15.9Kg computer, 19.3Kg monitor, 15.7Kg books, documents keyboard  etc. + extra packaging. Collection preferred.
Private sale, goods as described. House clearance. Additional Information: Postage & Terms from 'About Me page.

If no interest this time around I will consider splitting, but then the extensive additional software on the hard drive (NeXtStep, Windows drivers for 95,98,XP) will be missing.
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