Pentium III, NeXtStep System with Sony 200PS 17" monitor  

This is a system for a collector vintage of computers and operating systems. The web browser was first developed using NeXtStep the Unix operating system based upon the MACH kernel (as now used in Mac OS X) with display postscript windows interface.

This hardware was chosen so that NeXtStep 3.3 could be installed and run. The original CDs for 3.3 and Developer, Enterprise Object FrameWork (10 CDS including 3.2), licences, manuals, training material and book on NeXtStep and Objective C are included.

NeXtstep is installed on a 2Gb partition on a SCSI wide 4Gb drive. The other 2Gb is taken with Windows 95 to give a DOS partition. The Windows 95 partition also includes many drivers and guides for NeXStep as well as drivers for Win95 and XP (no licence for XP is included).

A 2Gb SCSI wide drive is NTFS formatted and available for NT, Win 2000 or Linux.

A 9Gb SCSI SE drive has XP installed for demonstration and to see the Win TV Theatre up and running.

The case and much of the hardware was purchased from World of Computers in Cambridge and built up during 2001-2002. As NeXtStep dates from 1996 this was the latest hardware that would run NeXtStep Version 3.3.

A Yamaha SCSI CD RW 4x2x6x drive is at the top of the tower. The Panasonic DVD-RAM SCSI drive (LF-D101) works under XP and has been tested with the sample DVD-RAM disc. The Superdisk was used under NT (not installed) but no drivers are included for XP. NeXtStep does not recognise either the Superdisk or DVD-RAM drive.

A Magnoptical 1.2/1.3Gb external SCSI drive was used under NextStep, NT and Win95/98/2K/XP and is being sold separately. Two optical disc cartridges are included with additional NeXtstep material.

The Intel Seattle Motherboard has onboard sound and has 768Mb RAM and a 555MHz Pentium III processor (the fastest the mother board will take).
Other hardware includes an Intel 10/100 PCI Ethernet card, a Hauppauge Win Theatre card with composite video, S-video inputs and analogue TV reception.

The system works very well as a TV set and video recorder. The Adaptec 2940W SCSI controller and the fast SCSI drives installed have been used successfully for video capture and off air recording.

Panasonic DVD-RAM was not connected when these photos where taken so that NeXtStep and Win98 would power up without asking for drivers.

Connections: PS/2 for keyboard and mouse (Logitech Pilot scroll mouse included), 2 USB 1.1 ports, 2 serial ports, parallel port for printer, ATI Rage Pro 8Mb, Adaptec 2940W, Hauppauge Win Theatre, Intel 10/100 Ethernet, Sound Blaster Live 5.1.

A quality Cherry keyboard and near new Logitech pilot mouse (only used during the rebuild of this machine) are included.

Motherboard has no spare PCI slot and ISA slot. The Intel PCI Ethernet takes up the spared PCI/ISA position. Not shown is the Creative Soundblaster Live! PCI card. 

NeXtstep has been freshly installed and so the drivers for Graphics card and Ethernet need to be installed (included and notes on what to do). The basic install defaults to 640x480 grey scale. This hardware has been run at 1600x1200 in true colour.

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