Gerald McMullon

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An experienced project manager and developer of SQL database systems for direct marketing, syndicate insurance, finance, office and factory information systems; successfully taking the projects from requirement specification through to client acceptance. A teacher who has developed computer based training modules using multimedia. Experienced as an IT Development Manager and customer and technical support manager for UNIX, NT/XP, Windows, Novell and DOS systems.


Computer Programming Skills

  • ·     Highly experienced in Visual Basic, Access and Excel VBA, Crystal Reports, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, dBase/Clipper, Pascal, TenCORE, HTML

  • ·     Excellent commitment and ability to keep up-to-date with advances in Computer Technology for the needs of business

  • ·     I have specified and developed a wide range of programs in response to client needs including direct marketing and call centre, syndicate insurance, finance, stock control and invoicing, office and factory information systems

Training, Teaching and multimedia skills

  • ·     Advised and developed computer aided learning applications

  • ·     Written modules and training courses using multimedia, including CD-ROM and interactive video

  • ·     Excellent teaching skills for training adults and young people in using computers

System Management skills

  • ·     Excellent skills in designing and implementing customer service and support systems

  • ·     Experienced in running a variety of networks including UNIX, Novell and Windows

  • ·     Outstanding team management skills to facilitate new projects and train staff

Communication skills

  • ·     Excellent written and verbal communications skills

  • ·     Skilled in liaising with business clients to assess their needs and implement solutions

  • ·     Ability to train and advise technical and non-technical users

Languages, Operating Systems and Networks

Languages, OS, Network




Visual Basic

11 years


Microsoft VB6 sp4, VB5.0 sp3 (Active X documents & controls). VB 1/2/3 Professional, 5 Enterprise, Q+E SQL, Attachmate, DDE

Access VBA
(Excel VBA)

13 year

Access with VB since 1993. VBA 9703-,

Rapid application development & report writing using Access VBA, Ver 2, 7, 8 & 9 & ODBC to Oracle. Access 2000, XP. Also using VBA in Excel and Outlook.


7 years


Projects for information display, web site of 1.7Gb storage.


3 years


SQL/Ace (2.1,4.x, SE5.0) Brock 4GL 7.3,7.4


6 months


Using SQL Plus 3.3 and Hummingbird GQL

SQL Server



Documentation to stored procedures, VB&Access ODBC


3.5 years

8906-9110, 9305- 9307, 9407, 9701,9807

DBASE III Plus, IV, Clipper (Summer 87), FoxBase, FoxPro, Q+E


Short projects


ANSI, Microsoft and using Code Base 4


Short projects


NeXTStep OO, Objective C


6 months


CBT authoring language


5 years


ISO, HP1000, Prospero, Turbo 3/4


10 years


Microsoft, NewBrain, HP(85, 9830, 1000, 2100, 3000), Apple, BBC, MSX, Oric, IBM 370,CDC6400


11.5 years


System V, 4.3 BSD, SCO 3.2, Bull DPX2, Risc-iX, X, X.desktop, Ethernet, Sun NFS, PC-NFS, TCP/IP, Korn, Bourne & C-shell, NeXTStep.


17 years




14 years


Windows 3.x, 9x, NT 3/4 (W/S & Server), 2000, XP


7.5 years

8806-9110, 9305, 9407-9506,9604-9703

Using Ethernet. Systems manager


6 months


Including Econet with Acorn equipment


Published a list of computer component prices and suggested bespoke systems, a dictionary of Internet related terms, a directory of WWW sites, and software documentation standards. Published articles and letters in Personal Computer World, Micro Computer Mart, other computer, hi-fi and photographic magazines. Ran the NewBrain User Group producing newsletters and supplying software, hardware and books. Also attended several conferences on Education and helped organise a conference on Examination Boards as a member of the IMA committee on Education.

Personal system consists of networked multimedia Windows and Linux computers, graphics tablets, video capture, HDV, scanners, web cam, networked colour laser and A3 deskjet printers and broadband.

Languages, Operating Systems and Networks includes:- Windows 95-XP, Vista 64,  Office  4.2-XP, 2007, Corel Draw, Visual Basic 3-6, Visual Studio 6, Publisher, Project, NeXTStep, FreeBDS, Linux, HTML, FireFox/IE, Emacs, Superfile, Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio, Nero 6-9.

Employment History

Aug 91 -

Employee GFG Microsystems Ltd

Contracted out to various clients including:-

Jul 07 – Oct 07

Client: SealAir Ltd, St. Neots

Access database development reporting from warehouse system

Jun 06

Client: RPS Group, Oxford

Access database development of reports to Sharp Owl and Sun Accounts

Jul 04- Apr 05

Client: Envios Consulting Ltd, Cambourne

Reporting database from Sun Accounts and Tempo. The Access XP/SQL application also included billing, key clients and suppliers rating.

Feb 02- Jul 04

Client:, Cambridge

Developed to display and access 36000 images (3.5Gb), information, articles and literature.

Oct 01- Jan 02

Client: Aspentech Ltd, Cambridge

Bench mark timing and program flow testing in VB6 and RAD on Windows 2000.

Jun 01-Sep 01

Client: Avaya Communications Ltd, Welwyn Garden City

Internationalisation of a telephone call centre multi-media applications, including designing the class interface, database and import export tools in Visual Basic 6 and Access 2000 running on Windows 2000 interfacing to Excel and Outlook.

Mar 01-Jun 01

Client: PA Consulting Ltd, Melbourne, Cambridge

Produce the technical documentation (detailed design specifications) for the company's internal Management Information Planning and Control application. The system has been developed over a number of years by a variety of programmers in various versions of Visual Basic connecting SQL Server databases.

Feb 01

Client: GFG Microsystems Ltd, Cambridge

Developed a CD-ROM with interactive browser based indexing of over 1000 scanned pages and over 2000 images, including the taking the photographs, scanning and cleaning up of images for display and printing.

Nov 99-Jan 01, Oct 01, Feb 02, May 02,

Nov 06- Jan 07

Client: St Paul at Lloyds, London

Developed a re-insurance, risk analysis and reporting database for the Marine Syndicate written mainly in Access 97, Excel & VB6 using data extracts of claims and payments from a main frame system. The system records initial policy, premium, payment and aggregations of risks by location through hierarchical zones. Complex filters are dynamically built during the selection criteria for reports.

Analysis of  ratings models for Cargo, Fine Arts and Finance for insurance quotes.

Aug 99-Nov 99

Client: Cox Insurance Holdings, London

As part of a team developing forms & reports for the Annual Accounting 2000 in Access 97, including exporting to and formatting in Excel & calculations on Syndicate data. Wrote Test Plans, User Manual, Technical Documents & performed user acceptance testing.

Jul 99-Aug 99

Client: Lowther Consultants, Dunstable

Developed forms and reports in VB6 using ADO and Access 97, classes and Report Writer to enable a functional concept demonstration at the UN, Switzerland.

Jul 99

Client: A. Thomas & Partners, London

Produce office and system documentation for Legal and computerised systems for Legal Aid Franchise audit.

Jan 99 - Jul 99

Client: London Institute of Higher Education, London

Development of reports and statistics for student records & finance in Oracle using Access & SQL Plus. Converting finance & other reports to Access 2000.

Nov 98- Jan 99

Client: Holstein United Kingdom and Ireland, Rickmansworth

Enhancements to Access 97 databases, new forms, reports and tables.

Nov 98, Mar 99

Client: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), London

To convert a flat file mailing database into a relational model using Access 97 and Word 97 to automate selection and mailing.

Sep98 - Oct 98

Client: Footman-Walker (tele-working)

To take a Visual Basic 5 prototype of NHS patient information and create documentation for the underlying database and specifications for pilot trials.

Aug 98

Client:Eastern Electricity and Natural Gas, Peterborough

Modifications to a reporting system using Excel 97 VBA and Oracle SQL.

Dec 97- Jul 98

Client: Corporate Services Group, St. Albans

As IT Development Manager leading a team of 13 programmers, I introduced documentation and coding standards for the full development cycle of projects and established training schedules for the staff. Liasing with internal clients, as business analyst, I produced proposals for new projects and trained development staff to do the same. These included contact management systems, OCR systems, data backup and Outlook 98. I managed the day to day running and requests for enhancements, reports and maintenance of the payroll system. The role also involved a hands on approach to programming as well as analysis and enhancements for current VB5 SQL 6.5 and Access 97 projects involving asset management and requests for change tracking systems.

Jul 97 - Nov 97

Client: Applied Interactive, Milton Keynes

As part of team developed a Computer Based Training authoring system using Visual Basic 5 (Active X documents, OLE and Active X controls) and driven by data stored in Access 97 database.

Apr 97 - Jul 97

Client: Eastern Group, Russell House, Ipswich

Modifications and update to cost account system for mobile phones in Access 2.0, Room booking system in Visual Basic 3.0 and rapid development and customer requirements for several other projects.

Apr 96 - Mar 97

Client: Sorbus, ICL at Anglian Water, Huntingdon

Help desk support for 300 PCs, 5 ICL UNIX systems, Novell & VAC servers with Windows and Office. Development of contact management database application in Visual Basic and Audit tool in Clipper.

Aug 93-Mar 96

Client: British Telecom R&D, Ipswich

Systems Analyst specifying and developing a network design tool to intelligently capture client marketing and sales activities and aid in the design of telecommunication networks written in Visual Basic 3.0 using Access. I performed QA and corrections to a prototype that used Visual Basic, DDE & Attachmate, interfacing 3270 sessions to capture customer information for telemarketing and later designed and implemented the next stage of development. I researched into down streaming agent technology with DIAS (CORBA) to legacy systems using Visual Basic and NeXTStep and Objective C.

May 93-Aug 93

Client: London School of English

I revised the specifications of the CAL program suite for Visual Basic, digital audio and video to store the lessons and responses centrally under Informix.

Apr 93-May 93, Jun 94, Dec 94, Jul 98

Client:Morris Ashby Castings

I wrote an interface between data capture and NWA Quality Analyst and subsequent reports using Clipper on a Novell network. In July 1998, Year 2000 testing and modification for interface between data capture and NWA Quality Analyst and subsequent reports using Clipper 87.

Jun 92-Apr 93

Client: Bull Information Systems, Business Development Centre, Hemel Hemstead

Consultant & Systems Analyst for a direct marketing contact system using Informix SQL & Brock 4GL (Bull OS, SCO UNIX). I researched the requirements, wrote the specification & successfully implemented the system. I also ran a 60 PC network to a Bull DPX/2.

Oct 91-Apr 92

Client: Hutchison Personal Communications Direct Marketing

System Manager and Analyst I specified, designed and implemented the direct marketing contact database using Informix SQL and Brock 4GL on SCO UNIX. I also advised upon the design of the Sales Activity Management System to run on pen-based portables.

Jan 89-Oct 91

Employer: ORIGIN Automation Technology Ltd, Cambridge

My main project was the Planned Maintenance Management System in Clipper/dBASE III on a Novell network. I designed the relational database, later added utilities and improved the performance. I was the technical author of all the manuals and project manager of the graphical sub-system (using dGE). Other projects included Customer Service & Support on the R140 UNIX for Acorn, establishing uucp email and report links to Granada Microcare and wrote user notes. Co-organiser of seminars "Integrating Automation" & "Simply Usable". Consultant for a project using Informix, C-ISAM, COBOL & C. Wrote an 'open-day' program. Author of reports on databases, selection criteria for databases and GUI tools for SQL Client/Servers. Programmed a report/ graph menu for NWA Quality Analyst. Installed PCs (PC-NFS, TCP/IP) onto the Sun network, linked in a Novell server and enabled PCs access to both.

Feb 88-Jan 89

Employer: Interactive Information Systems Ltd, London EC1

Customer & Technical Support Manager for the customer hotline, supervising programmers, prepared software masters for distribution, liased with distributors and instigated program documentation. I wrote a module on Finance for Non-Financial Managers in TenCORE and converted a suite of generic interactive video courses from PAL to NTSC. I improved the British Telecom Operator Service System training courses (using Turbo Pascal & CD audio), reducing training costs.

May 86-Feb 88

Clients: Cambridge FE, Chesterton & Manor Community Colleges

Part-time teacher covering mathematics, physics, chemistry and GCSE Computer Studies. Lecturer for B/TEC, GCSE & GVP courses in maths & IT.

Oct 86-Jan 87

Client: Infotek Design Ltd

Software Manager, I conducted the market requirement survey for a hand-held Z-system HD64180 computer and wrote the product specifications.

Nov 83-89

Client: London School of English

I wrote a computer aided language leaning suite using computer controlled audio cassette records.

Nov 83-Apr 86

Employer: GFG Microsystems Ltd

Support and product design, manufacturing, buying, accounts, advertising and marketing for the NewBrain developing in Z80, BASIC, Pascal. I wrote a Prestel & comms program for MSX Z80 systems.

Dec 83-Feb 85

Employer: LKB Biochrom Ltd, Cambridge

I wrote control applications for spectrophotometers, supervised an engineer, specified the next generation SBC and was manager of the MPD system.

Jul 82- Sep 83

Employer: Grundy Business Systems Ltd, Cambridge

Software Engineer, I answered technical enquiries, documented and tested associated NewBrain products and liaised with suppliers.

Jan 80-May 82

Employer: Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd, London

I designed and implemented the most used quality data reporting systems, and later the unified QA logging system (HP9830 BASIC, HP1000 Pascal)

Sep 79-Dec 79

Client: Dorland Advertising, London

I contracted as a terminal operator & programmed in HP3000 BASIC.

Sep 78-Sep 79

Employer: Marshall's Park School, Romford

Mathematics Teacher Scale 2, I taught to O level standard, took 6th form computing and 2nd form computer club teaching BASIC & FORTRAN.

Sep 76-Aug 78

Employer: Mayesbrook Comprehensive School, Dagenham

Mathematics Teacher Scale 1, I taught lower form full range ability pupils.


Contracts: Operator at IBM (W1) , terminal operator at Alfra-Lavell.

I also worked in a factory in Germany, basically to learn German



Numerical Methods, Mathematical Software, Operational Research, Statistics studied to MSc, Chelsea College, University of London


Post Graduate Certificate in Education, North East London Polytechnic & University of London External


BSc. (Hons) 2.2 in Mathematics, Chelsea College, University of London


Double Maths, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Biology.
Maths Pure (A), Applied (B), combined (A), zoology O pass, Physics (BB)


O level in Additional Mathematics, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, English, Physics, Biology, Geography, Metalwork. O level grade 1 in Additional maths, Mathematics, Technical Drawing, 6 in English. CSE 1 in maths, physics, biology, geography, technical drawing, metalwork. 2 in English. RSA Arithmetic and mathematics.

Personal Details



Drivers licence

Full, car owner

Foreign Languages

Spoken German and a little Hindi

Interests and Hobbies

Toured India (Dec 89-Jan 90), China, Hong Kong (Aug-Sep 91, Feb 98), & California (Nov 97) as well as having worked and lived in Germany. A member of the Cyclist’s Touring Club and Jersey Wildlife Trust. Enjoys music (pop, classical & ethnic), photography and gadgetry, particularly subminiature cameras, videos, records, reads science fiction and makes video films of special occasions for friends. Also able to speak in German and a little Hindi. 

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